The Things We Do for the Dogs We Love

Every so often, I wonder… “How does it feel to be truly happy?” That question always remained unanswered.

I did not realize soon enough that the idea of happiness is simple: you throw a ball, get him to chase it and bring it back to you. It is when he sticks his tongue, jump and run around. He will not care if you have a Limousine or not; if you have a big house or just enough for the both of you. Happiness lies on the simple moments you get to cherish with him.

That realization made my furry little friend mean the world to me. He became my source of light, and I was willing to do whatever it takes to make him feel the same happiness and love he gives me.

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If you are a fur parent, you can learn from these, too. I know for a fact we would do anything for our fur babies.

  1. Dedicate our time. Our dogs do not require much aside from us feeding them regularly. A walk on the park or being goofy with them is already enough to make them feel our presence. Our dogs like having us around more than we can imagine.
  2. Learn their language. For the taking, we do not need to learn how to bark (although that can also be easy). If there is one thing we should know about dogs, it is that their actions speak louder than their barks. They communicate through us through their body language. If you are a fur parent, I am sure you are bilingual, or should I say, bark-lingual.
  3. Help them conquer their fears. Our dogs may seem tough with all their sharp canines and loud barks, but they are softies, too. They have fears manifested in several ways ranging from shutting down to being extremely aggressive. With Pavlov’s dog salivation experiment, we should already know that our dogs’ fears need only a lot of getting used to. Through our assistance and constant guidance, our dogs can turn their fears to breakthroughs.
  4. Feed them. As fur parents, our knowledge on the food we let our dogs eat should be at a high state. With so many different opinions on optimal nutrition for our fur babies, we ought to have one trusted source to make sure we are feeding our dogs food that can not only make them full, but also healthy. Their health is top priority, of course.
  5. Spend more money for them than we would for ourselves. Having dogs is expensive, in case we have not realized that yet. From regular vet check-ups to health maintenance to pricey dog food to toys… money would be highly essential. As fur parents, we would rather spend money for our babies’ needs than our own. I guess fur-enthood calls for it.
  6. Buy them gifts. Like a child anticipating for gifts every time his parents come home from work or a trip, dogs like to get tokens, too. They like to nibble and play with things! Good thing, you can buy personalized dog gifts for your dogs, and buy for yourself dog memorial gifts, too, when there are circumstances you cannot be with them. Here is the site you can access for a wide array of dog gift options:
  7. Spoil them. This goes beyond the tangible stuff. Our dogs appreciate it more if we spoil them with love and care. Cuddle with them, play with them, give them treats, cherish every single moment with them. Soon, our dog would not be as little as the first time we had carried them, they would grow old too, and would not be able to do the things they used to do with us. While we can, we need to make them feel just how much we love them.

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Lucky are those who discovered their love for dogs, because honestly, they are the best creatures in the world. The saying “dogs are man’s bestfriend” can sometimes get underrated. They are not just best friends. They are family – a sibling, a child, even a parent. We sometimes would not know how much we are capable to love until they teach us. So, in return, we would give them the favor.

For all fur parents out there, it is safe to say that getting a dog is one of the best things we have ever done in this life. Man, what we would not do FUR these babies. But putting the pun aside, if we think about it, getting a dog is nice. And dog, when spelled backwards, becomes god. God gave us dogs to love and cherish. Let us do that.